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Unadorned Plain Mirror Polished Stainless Steel Wedding Band. Available in 7 widths. Couple Ring


Unpretentious stainless steel wedding band in mirror polish finish to give it a brilliant shine. Perfect for everyday wear. For men and women available in 7 widths. Perfect for couples. 

  • Comfort fit round contoured, slightly domed, inside of the ring.
  • You will LOVE the finish and quality of this ring!  
  • This band is 316L stainless steel.  
  • Perfect for use as a wedding band for couples who are on a budget. 
  • 2mm available in whole sizes 5-14
  • 3mm available in sizes 4½-14
  • 4mm available in sizes 4½-14
  • 5mm available in whole sizes 5-15
  • 6mm available in whole sizes 5-15
  • 8mm available in whole sizes 5-15

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